General Taxation 

  • Corporation Tax
  • Indirect taxes (VAT, Tax on Capital Transfers and Documented Legal Acts, Special Taxes)
  • Local taxes (Property Tax, Economic Activities Tax, municipal capital gain)
  • Taxation of natural persons: especially referring to the directors and executives of companies

Family Business

  • Tax planning in the Property Tax
    International investment vehicles: holding companies, foundations, sicav, investment funds...
  • Optimization in remuneration policies for managers and administrators
  • Tax assistance in family protocols
  • Tax advice in planning of the Inheritance and Donations Tax (inheritances)

Transfer pricing

  • Analysis of comparability
  • Preparation of mandatory documentation
  • Filing of specific statements (forms 232, 231, etc.)

International tax planning

  • Tax advising on international expansion projects
  • Advising and assistance for foreign groups that would like to set up in Spain
  • Analysis of the taxation of wealth management clients, both national and international

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Analysis of the tax situation to avoid risks and contribute value to the transaction
  • Design of the most efficient structure tax-wise
  • Technical advising in negotiations
  • Supervision of implementation of the acquisition structure

Tax inspections and procedures

  • Assistance and representation in tax verification and audit actions, as well as in administrative proceedings related to taxes and, specifically, in management, settlement, verification, investigation and collection proceedings
  • Follow-up on and participation in the defence of our clients in all proceedings initiated at the instance of tax administrations, whether local, regional or national, among others
  • Tax collection proceedings: Advising on requests for deferment or instalment payments of tax debts and negotiation of the sufficiency of guarantees
  • Advising on penalty proceedings initiated against our clients by tax authorities
  • Appeals and claims filed with economic-administrative courts