The accounting advising and administrative management service covers the various types of economic activities of a business:

  • Coverage of processes in the administrative and financial area of any type of organization.
  • Outsourcing of the financial and cost accounting.
  • Advanced accounting operations:
    • Accounting consolidation.
    • Restructuring operations such as mergers, divisions, etc.
    • Intangible assets: goodwill, brands, administrative concessions, etc.

Business activities of a commercial nature

In these activities, the accounting must comply with provisions of the Commercial Code (journals, inventory books and annual accounts), and the accounting books must be authenticated at the Companies Registry.

Services are complemented by advising on the resolution of inquiries of a tax nature supported by specific legislation and by tax advising that allows the applicable taxes to be prepared according to the specific business activity.

Business activities that are not commercial in nature

In these activities, the books and records related to income and sales, to expenses and purchases and to capital goods must be prepared.

In this case, the purpose of our accounting advising is financial and accounting control over an activity, in which the tax advising is more relevant and determines how the activity is subject to taxation.

Professional activities

In these activities, the books and records related to income, to expenses, to capital goods and to the provision of funds and supplies must be kept. Tax advising is more relevant in this service, given the direct nature of the taxation of professional activities, and if a client requires it, their accounting could be prepared similarly to the accounting for an SME or a company.

Preparation of financial statements

We offer an analysis of a company’s financial information, thereby providing a solid base and reducing possible management errors to the minimum. Financial statements thus become an important source of information for business owners and allow owners to know the degree to which their actions are effective.

Authentication of Accounting Books

We take charge of preparing the most common accounting books, such as the journal, the inventory books and the annual accounts, in addition to those that, depending on the activity, are deemed appropriate for providing a better understanding of the activity. Subsequently and by the legally established deadline, we present the books at the corresponding companies registry. This service is encompassed within our ongoing accounting advising.




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