Sports,Culture and Leisure

We have a team of professionals who are specialists in the Sports and Entertainment sector and who work in close cooperation with all other areas to provide clients with a comprehensive service. Our sports-related experience includes the following:

  • Auditing of the annual accounts of sports corporations, clubs, federations and associations, among others.
  • Accounting advising and application of the Adaptation Rules of the General Chart of Accounts to sports corporations and sports federations and application of the General Chart of Accounts to non-profit organizations.
  • Special reports required by the National Professional Football League and U.E.F.A. for participation in sports competitions.
  • Special Review Reports on the management of municipal sports complexes carried out by awarded companies.
  • Advising on the formal execution of representation agreements, the exploitation of rights, administrative concessions, etc.
  • Comprehensive tax advising for entities and professionals in the sector (athletes, artists, etc.).

In the cultural sector, we have developed projects with public, private and mixed-capital entities under the form of commercial enterprises, public undertakings (EPEs), consortiums, foundations, associations, etc., about which we could mention the following:

  • Auditing of the annual accounts of companies in the cultural sector.
  • Special review and verification reports on the state of cost of feature-length films, in accordance with Act 55/2007 of 28 December, on Film, and all other regulations enacted by the ICAA (Institute of Audiovisual Sciences and Arts), among others.
  • Analysis of the viability of implementing and developing new cultural projects.
  • Outsourcing of the economic, financial and/or administrative areas of cultural public entities.
  • Review of compliance regarding the grant of public aid for entertainment and/or cultural purposes, whether the purpose is to finance management or to finance possible investment projects.