We renew our Brand Image and our Website

September 2019

To support the positioning of our brand nationwide, from Russell Bedford we have modernized our website in Spain, thus providing an esthetic, functional and content improvement, in line with the new corporate image that the international network launched in 2018, more modern and daring.

The modernization, renovation and evolution of the national website create a greater company-client connection and facilitates a more fluid communication, reinforcing the main pillars of our Firm: the close treatment and personalized service to each client, with the greatest professionalism.

This rebranding is a great strategic and vital step for the growth and evolution of our brand in Spain, in line with the new brand identity at the international level, which reflects a renewed image and projects our firm consistently and accurately throughout the world.

In the words of Stephen Hamlet, CEO of Russell Bedford International “the new brand, fresh and vibrant, complements the energy and enthusiasm of the organization, from the long-established partners to the youngest, who are making their voice heard within of their companies and gradually assume leadership and management roles. ”

With this change, we want to demonstrate our desire to expand and evolve further, adapting to generational change and remain relevant for the younger generations that rise in rank.